a diversion!

new blog is @somebucky

I'm not really on here right now, sorry

smaug-official said: why hello there


Anonymous said: where are you???? D: wahhh

I created a new blog. this blog has a lot of negative memories for me and I had to start over. I miss you guys though!

its kind of amusing how just seeing the url of this blog makes me want to throw up. i think i might just delete it soon.

hi everyone!

I am creating a completely new blog.

I know I made a side blog, but I need to get away from this one. I’m still being told to kill myself over the stuff with the vowel family, and I still get nauseous when I see their rp posts. don’t be offended if I don’t re-follow you, it’s not personal. I can’t continue to follow most of the people in the hobbit/lotr fandom. I love you all so much, and it’s been an amazing journey.

my new blog is somebucky

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"fuck you Peter you can’t tell me what to do!"


"fuck you Peter you can’t tell me what to do!"

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A-daughter-of-starlight's 200+ follow forever


I never thought this would happen but yesterday (10/06/’14) I reached 200 followers! I want to thank all of those who follow me, I would not be here without you, thank you so much for being here! <3

Here’s all of the people who I will, quite literally, follow forever. If you are not in the…

awwww thank you love!

#work place equality everyone 

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Anonymous said: Out of all elves who do you think is the most whiny?

hmm… laeron can be at times, but I think we all know that thranduil is quite the complainer.